Automotive Capacitive Touch Screen

Driven by the explosion of high resolution touch screens in the consumer-electronics world, Methode's TouchSensor™ division has created touch screens with similar transparency and functionality, but durable enough to survive far harsher environments in the transportation industry.


Low or High ResolutionThe design of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) dictates the degree of touch resolution required. TouchSensor touch screens can handle touch resolutions as high as .25mm which provides designers with nearly limitless GUI design options.

DurableReliably sensing touch through 4mm glass and 2mm plastic, TouchSensor touch screens provide the resilience necessary to withstand the demands of high-use, extreme environments while providing the same level of performance as in consumer-electronic applications.

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Custom User InterfacesDeveloping nearly 12 million custom UI panels for some of the world's best brands and harshest environments, TouchSensor has reinvented user interface design.

Standard User InterfaceIntuiTek’s breakthrough user interface technology is now conveniently integrated in Methode's trusted, off-the-shelf standard modular user interface components and Rotary Haptic Controller.


TouchScreen with Added Discrete Touch Keys

While the touch screen display can house most of the touch inputs, some designs still require a stand-alone set of discrete keys surrounding the touch screen. For example, soft keys or ATM-style keys can be easily integrated in the overall user interface panel design.

TouchScreen Sizes

Methode touch screens are available with 7 in screens. Additional sizes of touch screens, including 4.3 in and 3.5 in screens, are under development.

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