Custom Automotive System Solutions

From "napkin sketch" designs to launch readiness, whether its solid-state switches or biometric solutions, Class-A finishes to "silver box" modules, Methode ensures Systems Solutions success in every phase.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Sony EFPOur global support capabilities helped Sony realize their vision of an Integrated Center Stack (ICS) for the 2011 Ford Edge and 2011 Ford Explorer. Working as a Tier 2 partner to Sony, our launch team drove the development process, making the ICS the crown jewel of the Ford’s Sony-branded sound system.


Industrial DesignMethode’s understanding of both industry trends and cutting edge technology allows our designers to create a perfect solution for your unique product design needs.

Mechanical DesignTo transform your 2-D design into 3-D, our mechanical engineers utilize CATIA,or other digital environments, to tie the hardware requirements with the design elements in a package that can be easily manufactured. Methode’s team can also design lighting into your solution, from automotive grade backlighting to creative lighting of knobs.

Launch TeamsMethode assigns a Launch Team to every project. These experts will track every detail and work hand-in-hand with your teams to ensure the smoothest production launch possible. Our goal is your success.

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