Automotive Controls & Switches

One of the fastest growing trends in automotive-interior electronics, the transition from mechanical switches to solid-state controls has revolutionized the way Methode's TouchSensor™ division approaches the design and development process. At the heart of our TouchSensor success is the TS100 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Utilizing speed, size and simplicity, every single discrete switch incorporates a TS100 ASIC and functions with unprecedented reliability. Methode's Technology Toolbox, complete with TouchSensor's field-effect technology, offers OEMs a distinct advantage: the ability to provide consumers with highly stylized interiors unparalleled in the industry.



Customized Electrode Structures

TouchSensor technology utilizes our patented dual-electrode design to provide an electric field that can distinguish and respond to your finger, yet remains unaffected by environmental noise and surface contaminants.

Software Free Sensitivity Adjustments

Antiquated technologies use software to constantly evaluate the environmental condition and adjust the overall sensitivity in order to remain consistent. But with TouchSensor technologies, once the electrode design is complete, sensitivity never needs to be readjusted and no software is needed to make the touch decision.

Exterior Door Handles & Liftgate Switches

Due to water ingress and temperature extremes that destroy switches over time, exterior applications in automotive are some of the more difficult applications for any switch. Tested under some of the harshest conditions, Methode can design solid-state field-effect solutions to meet your exterior application needs.

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