July 22, 2013

Methode Electronics Power Solutions Group Announces Wall of Honor At its Rolling Meadows Manufacturing Facility

Methode Electronics Power Solutions Group, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI), a global developer of custom engineered and application specific products and solutions, announced its new Wall of Honor at its Rolling Meadows manufacturing facility with a dedication ceremony on July 19, 2013. The dedication and the wall monument celebrate the Company’s long-standing commitment to serving the country’s armed forces by providing the highest quality and reliability in components and sub-systems to the U.S military services and NASA. The Wall of Honor is a symbol of Methode’s pride and honor in supporting the safety and success of the U.S. armed forces and includes a five by eight foot American flag and the U.S. military services and NASA emblems centered around the message, “We are joined together with our U.S. armed forces. They are selfless, they sacrifice, they endure, they protect and defend our freedom! We work to make their job safer and provide them the edge needed to defend our nation.”

Attending the dedication ceremony were over 200 employees and guests including Admiral Barry Costello (Ret.), U.S. Navy, who served as the event’s primary speaker and emphasized the importance of Methode’s efforts to support U.S. troops. Other honored guests included Rolling Meadows Mayor Tom Rooney, Rolling Meadows City Manager Barry Krumstok, Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Linda Ballantine, Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Director Val Deynar, Robert Wise, legislative assistant to Eighth District Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, as well as several members of Methode Electronics’ senior management.

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