May 8, 2012

Methode Electronics Nominated for 2012 Telematics Newcomer Award

Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI), a global designer and manufacturer of electro-mechanical devices, announced today the Company has been nominated for the 2012 Telematics Newcomer Award for its industrial-grade biometric fingerprint sensor solution for motorized vehicles. Methode caught the attention of the telematics industry by leveraging Lumidigm’s Multi-Spectral Imaging biometric sensor into a truly capable solution for rugged telematics environments.

With the addition of biometric authentication, a telematics solution not only monitors the location and status of the vehicle equipment, but verifies the operator, a feature in demand by managers, owners and insurance providers. Methode’s ruggedized biometric sensor provides reliable and accurate biometric authentication of the vehicle in every condition - wet, dry, dirty, and bright sunlight.

Methode designed the sensor to withstand the extreme temperature conditions and heavy vibration often seen in vehicle environments. To fit in various applications, Methode added the ability of the sensor to communicate over CAN, LIN, and J-1939, standards used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components.

“The reliable user authentication offered by Methode’s industrial-grade biometric fingerprint sensor solution offers many exciting possibilities for connected vehicles,” said Thomas Beshke, director of business development. “In the heavy equipment industry, it’s important to know who is communicating with headquarters, who is entering a controlled area, and who last used the equipment. In automotive, an OEM can contour and customize the driver’s experience in a way that could never be accomplished with just a keyfob. Methode’s utilization of Lumidigm’s reliable biometric authentication component brings successful implementation of all of these elements to an industrial-grade biometric sensor solution.”

The 2012 Telematics Newcomer Awards winners will be announced June 5 in Novi, Mich., during the 2012 Telematics Detroit Conference and Exhibition.

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