XFP Cages

dataMateTM developed the XFP 10 Gigabit Cage to be fully compliant with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) specification. Used for either copper or optical applications, the dataMate's XFP Cage offers three different sizes of heat sinks to aid in additional heat dissipation. The cage incorporates features to ensure a "posi-lock" between the heat sink clip and the cage body, preventing the clip from disengaging due to vibration. The one-piece stamped and formed design uses numerous tabs to lock the cage, forming the most reliable and robust design in the industry. See our Engineer Drawings for customization options.

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Heat Sink Options

For customization details, see our engineer drawings. Available options include:

DM8034-P-R, DM8034-P-N, DM8034-P-GDM8034-N-R,DM8034-N-N,DM8034-N-G, DM8034-S-R, DM8034-S-N, DM8034-S-G


Engineer Drawing
RoHS Certification

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XFP Cage Engineer Drawing

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