Methode DCIM Solutions’ UTrack asset tracking provides real time tracking and control over data center assets. By making use of advanced near field communications technology, UTrack is capable of tracking installed assets at the rack unit(s) level. UTrack automatically detects the installation and removal of any asset installed or removed from a UTrack enabled rack or cabinet. Dynamic and real-time reporting provides a range of asset management user scenarios. Via the combination of UTrack and LockTalk within the Methode DCIM Solution suite, compliance analysis can determine that the correct assets were acted upon by the authorized individuals or that the assets were installed into the correct cabinets and locations. With UTrack, the possibilities are endless when it comes to data center asset tracking.


Error Free Asset Tracking:

  • No additional user actions to track assets
  • “Push button” inventory reporting
  • Enables true compliance reporting
  • Expresses installed asset “truth”
Enabling Other DCIM Functions:
  • Asset placement accuracy
  • Cabinet asset auto discovery
  • Asset / Power matching
  • Asset / Cooling matching
  • Authorized asset servicing “user” via LockTalk autocheck
Automate asset servicing work¬ows:
  • Work ticket for asset provisioning
  • Provisioning / De-provisioning scenario planning


Low Cost of EntryUTrack allows customers to start small and grow their RFID-based asset tracking environment on a rack by rack basis. By utilizing passive RFID technology, Methode’s DCIM Solution leverages low-cost, high-performance RFID technology.

Ease of UseThe system utilizes standard application programming interfaces to integrate into preexisting customer enterprise tools. In a stand-alone, out-of-the-box experience, the system can leverage everyday customer Web browsers.

ExtensibleThe U-Track℠ software represents a modular component which easily integrates multiple data centers, rooms, and facilities for large asset tracking operations. In addition, the ATS-RU system easily integrates with the wide-area ATS solution from Methode to provide rack level tracking as well as assets that may be in transit.

InnovativeUTrack, from Methode Electronics' Data Solutions Group, represents an industry first for data center asset tracking. While wide area tracking using solutions like the Methode DCIM system can provide good asset location fidelity, no other solution in the marketplace can provide real-time asset tracking to the specific rack unit location where an asset exists.

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