Methode DCIM Solutions’ LockTalk access management provides robust electronic access control, audit, reporting, and alert management for data center cabinets. LockTalk is capable of providing a range of authentication methodologies including multi-factor secure access.

Access Options Include:

  • Touch sensitive keypad for pin entry and door control
  • Proximity Card Access
  • Biometric Access
  • 2d Barcode Access
  • Remote Access Control via a Company NOC or SOC facility
Detailed logging of access events including individual access entry and access exit are available within the Methode DCIM Solution reporting software.


Wide Range of Authentication Methods:

  • Keypad Access
  • Proximity Card Access
  • Biometric Access
  • Network based (NOC) Access
  • Single to 3 factor authentication
Event Tracking, Reporting and Alerting:
  • Detailed logging of events
  • Real time alerts and alarms
  • Flexible reporting options
Flexible Cabinet and Lock Configuration:
  • Works with a range of cabinet doors
  • Multiple cabinet doors per cabinet
  • Ideal for Co-Location clients
  • Ideal for e¬ffective access tracking


Low Cost of EntryLockTalk offers customers the ability to provide high-grade security to areas as needed and grow their security solution in a modular fashion without massive investments in the security infrastructure.

Enhanced SecurityThrough the installation of the system, clients ensure that access to their biometrically secured areas, cabinets and racks is matched to authorized users. This access can be audited in real time, including each lockable object's current state of security.

InnovativeThe integrated solution offered by LockTalk is an industry first, leveraging state-of-the-art biometric image recognition technology as well as user touch screen interface and locking systems.

Ease of IntegrationThe system can be easily retrofitted to any of Methode's DC Series Cabinet systems. In addition, retrofitting of the solution can be applied to a variety of cabinet and racking doors on the marketplace. The system can also be ordered as a standard option for any of Methode's DC Series Cabinets on the market.

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