Methode DCIM Solutions’ EnviroTrack provides real-time reporting of cabinet / rack installed environmental monitoring systems integrated with the Data Cabinet Intelligence Module (DCIM). Broad ranges of sensing functions are available in a variety of confi¬gurations to meet ASHRAE and other standards for environmental conditions. EnviroTrack reports instantaneous and trending values for: 1) humidity, included on the DCIM itself, 2) temperature which is available at up to six different sensing points, 3) air flow which is available front-side and back-side of cabinet, 4) and air pressure. With EnviroTrack installed in dense cabinet confi-gurations, it is now possible to provide real-time modeling of CFD values and perform scenario planning for data center cooling and capacity management.


Sensor Types:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air Flow
  • Air Pressure
Dynamic DCIM Reporting:
  • Real-time reporting
  • Trending
  • Environment to Asset Loading
  • Environment to Power Loading
  • Real-time CFD modeling
DCIM Planning:
  • Asset expansion
  • Rack / Cabinet placement


Low Cost of EntryDCIM solutions from Methode leverage cost-effective sensors and infrastructure to deliver constant monitoring of a customer's data center environment. The cooling and humidification demands of today's densely populated data centers make cost-effective environmental monitoring a wise investment.

Ease of UseWhether integrated with the data center display solution or accessed via the standard browser application, the DCIM system is easy to install and use out-of-the-box.

ReliableThe system utilizes highly sensitive and reliable temperature, humidity and airflow sensing technologies. These sensors provide constant information readout accuracy and calibration.

InnovativeThe DCIM system leverages either RFID-based wireless sensing or wired integrated rack/cabinet solutions, which have previously not been available in the marketplace. These systems are modular in design and are intended to scale and grow with a customer's infrastructure needs.

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