Patch Panels

Methode's CTI Patch Panels provide an extremely organized above-the-floor infrastructure and manageable cable configuration in a minimum amount of space by offering multiple configurations of panels, all with high density port counts. Panels are available from 1 to 10RU and 12 to 528 ports. High density panels are also available as 12 to 48 port one-rack unit panels with traditional discrete connector trunks or ribbon-array trunks with MTP connectors, LC, MT-RJ, and/or MU coupler configurations in the same footprint to allow easy migration from one connector style to another.



Custom DesignsCTI will design and manufacture patch panels to meet the port-count density, connector type, size and coupler types required by your network plan.

Multiple OptionsA variety of standard sizes, port counts and configurations are available on demand.

High DensityCTI patch panels achieve some of the highest density in the industry.

Custom Silk ScreenCTI will manufacture patch panels with custom customer-defined silk screen port identifiers.

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Design & Installation ServicesCTI's global professionals have 175 years of combined experience in the design, installation and upgrade of data center systems. Individuals hold certifications including BICSI-ITS, FOA and ETA.


Port Count

Panel port counts may be configured to hardware port layouts from 6 to 528 ports.


Multiple configurations of panels are available in sizes from 1RU to 10RU.


Panels may be configured with fixed faceplates with rear access, hinged front access faceplates, modular coupler strips or fixed port count.


Panels are available in every color.

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